Anna Naphtali & Co.


an elegant hello

History: "Even in her 90s, you'll find my grandmother in her California garden pulling weeds and digging holes. As a master gardener growing over 70 varieties of plants & vegetation, Geraldine Rose has a name fit to her calling, however, acquired a great disdain for Geraldine, renaming herself, Jerrie. This botanical series was created as a nod to all my grandparents and a celebration of creating something beautiful from something originally unloved, the name Geraldine."

Everything from the print textures to the card names have been thoughtfully crafted.

*Each card comes with an antique gold, rose-pressed wax seal sticker, so you can leave an impressed goodbye or send an elegant hello. 

All products & designs are made with love, by Anna Naphtali.

Stockists: We are gathering our shipments and will list our stores soon! Orders may be placed online and a selection of products can be found at Nectar Floral Boutique & The Project Studio in Charlotte, NC.