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Editorial: September Issue of InStyle UK

Ariana ClareComment

“Fashion is the quickest revolving art form we have” - Kate Bosworth, Instyle UK 

Everyone knows that the September issue is the most important one in the fashion world. That's why I've been seeking out some sneak peaks of what's about to be published. So far this is my favorite spread because of how stunning Kate Bosworth looks! I've always loved her style- very Calvin Klein & simple but she always makes a statement. Also, she's more than just an actress, she just invented a new style app called Style Thief- which is free to download. I've browsed it a little bit, but basically what it does is help you find looks that you love but don't know where they are from. So you just upload a photo and the app will help you find similar looks and where to get them. 

I love fall fashion and I hope this is getting you excited as well. 

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