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CF {small} GROUP

This group is intended to begin relatively small, and will be located in my personal home, so sign up and a little commitment is necessary to attend. This will be a somewhat regular (bi-weekly, rotating Tues & Weds nights) meeting to connect with other creatives, discuss arts, business & life in an intimate setting. Everyone can bring a consumable item to share.

Each night will have a discussion theme, found by clicking on the event calendar below, and some nights will have highlighted speakers and guests to share more specifically within our conversations.


For those interested in investing, serving and collaborating in community projects, non-profits etc… open to all.


Each event will spotlight one or several creative business women sharing their experiences, what they’ve learned and will answer the burning questions that you bring. These events will be a larger format and open to all to attend, but at this time will only feature women in the arts, or business.

If you’re interested in partnering, collaborating or being a part of community projects, events etc… send a note. If you are interested in joining a specifically themed night, or can’t commit to a regular attendance but would like to be involved, send a note with that information. Small group is getting close to MAX capacity, so connect before the next meeting if interested.

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RESOURCES (more coming soon)

SUZE U: Financial Class : FREE CODE: WOMEN: A foundational financial class to understand budgeting, taking power over your money and investing.

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