Anna Naphtali & Co.

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I am a creative hybrid.

Anna Naphtali has a Bachelor of Liberal Arts in Religious Studies and a minor in English Writing, yet spent her university years roaming the art halls, and taking design and painting courses, between writing poetry and reading Nietche and Kierkegaard. Since then, she has completed programs of design and french food culture at Parsons school of Design in Paris, France, and studied Mediterranean culture and food system design at Elisava school of Design and Engineering in Barcelona, Spain. 

After joining a breakdancing crew in Monterrey, Mexico, a 4 year stint singing in a 9-piece hip hop, jazz fusion band, and traveling to over 20 countries, with camera in tow, she settled on a career in the visual arts. Anna has produced content for well-known brands, created a styling curriculum for photographers, written a featured composition crash course for The Huffington Post, and taught over 600 international students. She speaks and teaches workshops online, and at creative conferences internationally, working with brands as diverse as Condé Nast publications to ABC's Dancing with The Stars. 

"I believe in the intersections of art, life, spirit and the creative human experience expressed through every medium. I believe in wringing out life to the last drop, finding beauty in every season and passionately living to help others do the same. I believe good design is also thoughtfulness, and in the hidden power of biscuits and sweet tea."

I am a creative hybrid. With the study of composition as my foundation, whatever I’m creating, my process is accomplished through acute awareness of line, light, color, texture, taste, balance and heart-swell. 


"At age 14, I got a Canon Rebel film camera, and I've never been without one since. I found my medium for expression, a way to co-labor with the world around me and create. My, now digital, camera is an extension of myself. Photography is second nature to me, an art form refined by a desire not to just document but truly create with my surroundings."

Anna is a featured artist with Vogue Italia's fotovogue gallery, photographing for various publications, television shows, fashion and food stories such as, Architectural Digest, Darling Magazine, Our State Magazine, The Local Palate, Edible Magazine, The New York Times, ABC's Dancing with the Stars, E! Hollywood's Style Stories host, Adriana Abascal, State Plate TV starring Taylor Hicks, and LA fashion week.


"With a passion for composition, I began to expand my photography practice to applied styling and design. I began styling fashion, food, interiors, products and campaigns. With the understanding of  camera and visual implementation, I work in both fields as photographer, stylist, or in tandem. I created a course teaching photographers how to "think like a stylist" and began teaching and speaking about the psychology of design influencing our personal life."

Anna styled Carrie Underwood's Fall 2016 athleisure line, Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams seasonal catalogues since 2015, several food product campaigns for Boar's Head, International Interiors book by Design Mom, 24 pages of work for Carolina Bride's fashion and design book, and has styling work featured with West Elm, Domino Magazine, Anthropologie, Dicks Sporting Goods and Walmart.

Creative + Beyond

"All beautiful experiences have a co-hesive force of visual interest and sensory balance. I am interested in the application of this process in any stage from consulting concept, strategy, development and creation in any medium. If it's creative, I want to be a part of it. Whether it's a brand, event, product, menu, experience, space, person, plate of food, campaign, wild new idea, or antique concept needing a refresh, I am passionate about the creative experience." 

Anna has worn many hats, from Creative Director, Event Producer, Project Counselor, Interior Designer, Host, Chef, Food Critic, and Caterer... working with Kinfolk Magazine, Design Sponge, Dean and Deluca, Tiny Horse Creative Agency, NBC's America's Got Talent, Halogen TV, Lowes Home Improvement and more...

Anna Naphtali resides with her vivacious 7 year old, in her growing southern hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina. She travels often for work and to visit family overseas.