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This week we’ll continue conversations from the week before, keeping up with goal setting, and process, but dig deeper into the connections to being female. This is going to be a more personal dive into the challenges, beauty and reality of being female. This is one of the most important discussions for me personally, and will most likely be a more intimate conversation.

Be prepared to discuss your own experiences, stories and things you’ve learned. Think of powerful females you know that have been examples of light and grace that have helped pave the way. While we’ll discuss the challenges and realities of being female in arts, business and life, we’ll also discuss the power and beauty of it.

The point of this discussion will be to get closer and grow, but also to not let the subtle cultural hindrances unknowingly hold us back from being who we want to be.

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CF MEETING: Dreams + Reality

This week we’ll continue to get to know each other + introductions.

The theme will be dreams + reality. I am a big believer in having dreams and goals that keep us alive internally, but I also know that without practical steps things will never actually happen. We’ll start a process of goal setting, and mapping out practical next steps to making things happen. In discussing things out loud we get accountability, feedback, collaboration and wisdom from others who’ve paved their own paths.

Things to think about and come prepared to discuss:

  • What are my personal & professional goals?

  • What holds me back?

  • What are my dreams?

  • What can I do to move forward, what do I need to move forward?

  • Confession: What is one personal trait that keeps me from success, that I want to change?

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