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Marketing has changed. Consumers devour advertising through their fingertips and you have 2.5 seconds to make an impression. Whether you're showcasing a product, trying to reveal your new business, keeping customers engaged or just trying to get a date; It is essential to know how to create a good image. Anna has merged her experiences as both Photographer and Stylist to create a course called, The Art of Styling. Tailoring the course for any audience, conference or engagement, the class covers everything from the psychological process of design, visual composition, learning the language of beauty, to practical photography and styling technique and hacks. Workshops can be modified to help anyone from the novice instagrammer or the professional photographer or stylist who needs compositional refinement. Other topics include: Food Stories, a class on why food is important and how to naturally style and capture it, Finding Beauty, a spiritual talk on discovering your creative self that was there all along, turning tragedy into trajectory and finding God in obscurity.


Student Notes...

"Anna’s Art of Styling was engaging and incredibly beneficial to my photography. There was no slow build waiting to get the best information in week 4, this class had me reading, rereading, and practicing the content from day 1. All of my questions were answered, from actual styling, to gear, to business. Anna’s feedback was invaluable, so much so I went through all my classmate’s homework to get additional tips! I would highly recommend this class to beginners and experienced photographers alike."  

- Joelynne

"Thank you SO much, Anna, for such a challenging and helpful class and for giving so freely of your time, knowledge, and encouragement to help us all grow.  I can feel this class being a jumping off point for really going to the next level with my work, and being more purposeful and trained in all my design and composition decisions."  - Emily

"When our spirits connect with beauty, the things we create become thank you notes..." I find it so moving, it brings tears to my eyes. I am in a bit of a low time inspirationally, finding it hard to find the reason to pick up my camera. I think this course and just this one sentence is what I needed. Thank you so much, Anna!" 

 -Engle, Lake Como, Switzerland 

"Thank you for the reminder to experience beauty with all our senses Anna, I needed it". xx –Lara

"Gives me HOPE that the skills I need to work on are actually workable via practice."  – Daniela

 "I just finished reading the course. WOW. It blew me away.  So many aspects of it that moved me. This is one of those things you read every few months to put you back in perspective. Thank you so much!  It really brightened my day."  - Angela

"Anna, thank you so much for this amazing class! Thank you for sharing not only your knowledge but also a lot of personal stuff as well. 

I was a huge fan of your work before I started it and now, I am a huge fans of you as a teacher/mentor. 

I felt really overwhelmed and kind of lost, which is why I wanted to do this class.

Now, I actually started to focus on the elements and tools that you introduced us to 

and I I feel that I am starting to develop an intuition or understanding what the image could

look like if I did something to the subjects. I hope to develop this further and at some point to find my own style.

This course definitely gave me all the tools I could wish for in a very comprehensive way." - Cara