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This past winter I was invited to come along side some of my favorites in the photography world and teach several styling courses at Yeah Field Trip! It was a blur of mud, rain, no sleep, hard work, fun, creativity, quick beach breaks and food. My only regret is working so hard on my classes and not having time to sit and chat with so many new incredible people.

My first evening was met with Yan Palmer crawling next to me and talking until 4AM about life, kids, art, and heartache... (the kind of conversation where you feel you have a little too much in common...) a great way to start the trip with a stranger. Mornings on site were spent with Yan & I hustling to get our classes in order and Natalie Norton giving us impromptu mentoring sessions, which was amazing... she is amazing

Some new favorite faces I met were Guillaume Wolf, author of 'You are A Circle', a visual meditation book that might be the thing you need to bring courage to your inner artist. ;) His psychographics class was incredible. I also had a great lunch with Dallas Clayton, who is an inspiring children's book author and speaker... who helped me realize, even though I'm still unsure, that if I were a drink I think I'd be sweet tea. What would you be? I also feel like I understand Yo Gabba Gabba even more after a weekend with Justin & Amelia Lyon... There really was an endless supply of great people all in one place to name them all would be silly... 

I arrived at my grandparent's sunny Camarillo home and spent a beautiful day foraging in my grandmother's edible garden and putting together props for my drive to Santa Barbara. I stopped at Brophy Bros and had a great lunch and conversation with one of the chefs there who provided some beautiful oyster shells to photograph the next day. And when my travels were finished up I went to the beach, exhausted, and through a series of rather silly events the ocean swallowed my car keys right before I was on the way home... but all is right because my disaster ended in tacos. from La Superfica Taqueria per Julia Child's recommendation 

I didn't actually have time to pull out my real camera on this whole trip... can you believe it? So all of this was caught on my phone!

Thank you Bohemian InkRifle Paper Co. & Shindig Fancy for sponsoring my workshops. And thank you to all the new friends and soon-to-be friends! Your little messages and notes about my class have been like gold to me, thanks for taking the time to chat. Look forward to more meet-ups & adventures in the future.