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Anna Naphtali for Madewell 'Photography Style'

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On December 14th, I'll be doing a styling event with Madewell from 4-7 at the South Park location. There will be Prosecco cocktails, bloggers, stylists, give-aways and an Instagram challenge that could win you some Madewell favorites. I'll post more details soon. Be sure to come say hello!

Until the event, I'll be doing some style posts for Madewell in the following weeks, putting together looks that I like or that I actually wear for different functions.

Today's ensemble is my "photographer style" outfit for shooting editorials in the field. This is actually what I wear almost every time I'm shooting assignment work.

Who knew my favorite shirt this year is called "the ex-boyfriend flannel?" Moving along. 

I have been a fan of wearing boots since the first time Doc Martens were in style back in choker-wearing high-school days. But these days I wear them for practical reasons. You never know what you are going to have to walk through when you're shooting outside. At my last shoot I had to climb on the side of a large iron sculpture to get the best angle at a wedding. I like to feel like I'm always ready for an adventure even when I'm working... and wearing boots make me feel like I'm ready for whatever comes my way.

I also like to have everything I need strapped on my body especially when I work. In this photo I am wearing my Mark iii and holding a Mamiya 645... all the extra bits, batteries & business cards are in my pack attached to my belt. I've had this painter's belt for ten years and have worn it that long too, but you could get the same close look with the sketchbook bag worn crossed-over the shoulder.

Stay tuned for more Madewell looks and fashion talk.