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Kinfolk Campfire Cooking

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event host, food & photography:

Anna Naphtali

// partners, food & prep:


// venue:

Camp Canaan

 // campfire music: Bad Dogs ;)

It seems wrong after snow flurries to post such a summery event... but since late August I've been behind on the world, but it's time to get back to business. This event was so much fun!

and a lot of hard work for the prep team

There's something so refreshing about getting in nature, by water, and cooking your own meal. It was so creative and exciting. We set up a long table with baskets of produce, herbs, fruit, cheese and meat fresh from the farmer's market. I suggested some combinations and recipes but everyone got to experiment with their own flavor profiles and whimsical ideas to throw in the fire.

All of these items were put into foil and baked until you peek inside and see it's ready.

Our menu: 

beef stew with beer, fresh herbs & vegetables (and salt & pepper)

fire roasted corn with freshly grated parmesan cheese, Sriracha and lime

roasted peaches with brown sugar, brie cheese and thyme

"stick bread" bread dough wrapped on a stick, cooked over the fire dipped in butter and fresh parmesan cheese

homemade honey marshmallow s'mores with bacon, dark chocolate and old fashioned graham crackers


made homemade marshmallows with honey and I promise it was the best marshmallow I have ever eaten.

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